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Fighting the STIGMA of Mental Health



Hope for Healing has partnered with the Mitchell County Communities That Care Resource Council to launch an ad campaign fighting the stigma associated with mental health. The following are some of the messages we hope to convey through the campaign:

  • First and foremost, having mental health or emotional struggles is NORMAL for almost all people to experience at some point in their life (or multiple points). It does not mean you are weak, crazy, or ill if you experience mental health or emotional challenges.


  • Ignoring mental health, emotional or relational problems will not make them go away, and often by not addressing them these issues get passed down to multiple generations.



  • It is OKAY and GOOD to get help. Therapy should not be a negative experience, and in fact is something most clients look forward to once they get started.


  • Our mental health impacts all other aspects of our life: our physical health; spiritual life and faith; our job; our relationships; education; etc. Thus, working on improving our mental health often has systemic positive benefits on multiple other areas of our life.


  • Although we may live in a rural area, the access to quality mental health services is not as scarce as it once was. In addition to community mental health centers, multiple private practices have emerged in Beloit and surrounding towns in the past 5 years. In addition, we have local therapists at Hope for Healing, LLC who specialize in specific areas such as play therapy and trauma.


  • Finally, living in a community that is informed, compassionate, and supportive of those needing help is the greatest catalyst for growing a healthy community.


Everyone is invited to participate in this campaign and encouraged to be a positive voice for mental health in North Central Kansas. Having the courage to speak the words, “It’s okay to get help,” could literally be life-changing for someone you know.

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