Employee Assistance Program

Our goal at Hope for Healing is to break through the stigma associated with Mental Health and provide compassionate, effective, and confidential therapy services in a non-judgmental and comfortable environment. Please consider the benefits of contracting with us to provide your employees with direct access to high quality mental and emotional health services.

Employee assistance programs, or EAP's, were designed to help employees reach their maximum workplace effectiveness. They are mostly designed to reduce risk, cut costs, and enhance employee productivity. Many therapists have contracts with employers that include providing a limited number of therapy sessions at a reduced fee to voluntary clients and/or their families as well as mandated sessions.


An employee may be mandated to contact the contracted consultant to schedule short-term therapy by their employer, for problems such as anger, substance abuse, or depression. A voluntary client may contact the EAP consultant for any reason, and the problem does not have to have an impact on the client's work.

In either case, the EAP consultant will perform an initial intake session by gathering basic information about the employee and the reason for the referral. From there the employee will work with the therapist to continue counseling services with them or be referred to another facility.


Here at Hope for Healing, LLC we offer a wide variety of services that we anticipate can provide relief to anyone struggling in their daily and work life.  Specific services we help with include but are not limited to:




Marital/Couple Distress

Parenting Issues & Family Struggles

Divorce, Separation

Blended Family Struggles

Grief & Loss

Anger/Conflict Management


Assertiveness & Self-Esteem


Life Transitions

The benefits of these programs cannot be emphasized enough.  Studies have shown that rising health care costs, rising operation and expense costs can all be reduced by having the proper low cost EAP plan in existence at the workplace.  Many of the local businesses have deferred to the local community health center to provide these services for their employees in the past and we believe there may be advantages to utilizing our private practice.  We look forward to discussing the potential in these programs for your company/organization.

If your company or organization is not involved in the EAP program please contact us to send information to them about our program.

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