"I needed someone to help me see outside of my own point of view, to tilt up the lens that my life experiences created so I could see if it was the right lens for me and the stage of life I’m in now.  My therapist at Hope for Healing helped me do that.  She is blessed with a gift that she serves others with so well.  I thought it would be awkward running into her outside of her office, but it’s not.  She is professional, confidential and helped me develop skills necessary to make the most of the life that I am living.  I recommend that every person find a therapist that can help them do this.  It will change your life." ~ A former Client


"When you think about therapy and have never been to therapy lots of things come to mind.  Many people have these taboo and preconceived notions about therapy that keep them from getting the help that they need.  Hope for Healing is nothing like what you see on TV; you don’t have an inexpressive cold person sitting across from you.  It’s like talking to a friend;   I came to Hope for Healing at a very low point in my life.  I had multiple issues going on in my life and didn’t know where else to go.  My therapist was able to help me identify specific issues in my life; and I was able to come to the realization that I had been struggling with anxiety and depression since I was young.  Pride kept me from getting the help I needed; when you can’t “just get over it” it’s time to seek help.  There is no shame in reaching out for therapy; don’t live a life of pain both Skilar and Katrina can help you live the life you deserve." ~ Client 

"In 2015 I lost my brother to cancer and I struggled with his loss. I found myself struggling with a deep depression, feeling alone and like nobody cared. Then in 2016, I moved back to Kansas thinking it would help, and I hoped being around my son would lower my depression. After an attempted suicide, a friend recommended me to Hope for Healing. When I met Skilar, she made me feel like I was a person. She didn’t make me feel "crazy" like many other therapists had.

       Skilar listened to me, showing compassion and I knew she genuinely cared. She assured me that everyone grieved in different ways, and there is no time limit on grief and that you never really stop grieving the loss of a loved one. Every appointment I left the office with more tools on how to effectively deal with grief. In a short amount of time the depression started to fade and I started finding myself enjoying the small things in life. Two years later I am so happy, and I continue to use the tools Skilar taught me. Mental health has always been looked at as someone being “crazy,” but that is not the case. Skilar is a very compassionate therapist who aims to provide you with tools to help you through the bumpy roads of life." ~former Client

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